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From FEDA business school to Silicon Valley or Georgetown University!

The president of FEDA and the CEO of Globalcaja dismiss the tenth promotion of the MBA Executive 3.0 and receive the fourteen students of the new edition

Tenth edition MBA School of Business FEDA.
The tenth edition of the Master in Business Administration and Administration MBA Executive 3.0 program of FEDA Business School, has finished after 500 hours of face-to-face training, a program that began in January 2019 and in which a total of 23 students from many other companies in our province.

Taking advantage of the last day of class, they visited the classroom Artemio Pérez, president of FEDA, and Francisco Martínez Ortuño, general director of Fundación Globalcaja-Albacete, global collaborator of FEDA Business School, as a farewell until the closing ceremony.

Artemio Pérez thanked students and companies for their confidence in FEDA Business School and encouraged the attendees to continue betting on training, emphasizing the Confederation’s commitment to training, entrepreneurship and continuous learning: “FEDA undertakes and undertakes learn. ” The president congratulated the participants, “and I hope that everything learned in school will be put into practice in your company, making them the most competitive and happy work centers.”

On the other hand, Francisco Martínez Ortuño stressed the support that the Globalcaja-Albacete Foundation provided to the FEDA Business School project from the first moment, transmitting to the students that by going through the MBA 3.0 program they already start with a competitive advantage with with respect to the rest of professionals and companies, “you are substantially better and your companies too. It is an excellent and practical complement to your formal education and experience in your company ”.

With this, the 10th Edition of the MBA Executive 3.0 program of the FEDA Business School was closed, in the absence of the presentation and defense of the final master projects that students will have to carry out next March.

Taking advantage of the visit, the president of FEDA and the general director of Fundación Globalcaja also visited the classroom where the 11th Edition of the MBA has been taught since January 23, with the presence of 14 students. With them there are more than 180 business professionals in our province who have already gone through this program.

The Master in Business Administration and Administration MBA Executive 3.0 of FEDA Business School is a personal and professional development and growth program that is distinguished, among other aspects, by its eminently practical methodology, by the professional profile of its teaching staff and by Intense professional relationships established between students in the classroom.

The objectives of the program are: to detect business opportunities, provide a strategic vision for decision-making, put the customer at the center, develop digital business and technology models, become familiar with the key financial economic concepts and develop innovative business plans.

Strategic Business Plan
The Program, which has a high valuation by professionals who have already been through it in the last ten years, has 500 contact hours and a duration of 14 months (from January 2020 to March 2021); It is structured in eight main blocks or content areas: Strategic vision and business model, Marketing and marketing, Digital Business, Innovation, Finance and analysis, Human Resources and talent management, Leadership and managerial development and Operations and logistics.