One of the purposes that are always part of the wish list when a new year begins is to improve training and pursue a master’s program. An option that the scholarships of CMI Business School, specialized institute in Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC), makes easier, since they cover up to 50% of the price of their MASTERS.
They can access the scholarships: recent graduates, students who demonstrate having obtained high marks in their previous career, people with professional experience in the field of CSR, NGOs or social enterprises; students from countries of emerging economies and people with functional diversity.

CMI is the first BUSINESS school specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility

With these scholarships you can take the Responsible MBA, which in this call is taught under online mode and is addressed to managers and company managers with experience in the business field so that they can update their knowledge in Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as interested persons in implementing these types of strategies in any organization.
This MBA, which begins in February 2020 and is taught until December, includes in its agenda all aspects related to CSR, leadership and management skills, as well as incorporating more innovative aspects such as Big Data and Industry 4.0. Ask for more information below:

MBA MASTER Responsible

Another of the programs that can be taken within this scholarship program is the Master in Marketing and Responsible International Trade Management, which is taught in Madrid during an academic year in the afternoon (from 6 pm to 10 pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays . The agenda of this program includes everything that is needed to be a leader committed to the growth of organizations and have a positive impact on society.

It is an objective for which training focuses on international trade and CSR, leadership and responsible negotiation, neuromarketing, sensory marketing, digital marketing and business management in a global environment, among other topics studied .

All WCC programs are based on innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability

The 50% scholarships also apply to those who meet the requirements and are interested in the Master in Human Management and Organizational Development, which during one year prepares the attendees to acquire all the knowledge and develop skills and abilities to plan, execute, administer in the most appropriate way the areas of human management in all types of organizations.
The program also focuses on cutting-edge training to lead teams and projects with efficient techniques and tools for talent development, so that maximum performance and learning can be achieved at all levels BUSINESS.

Over three quarters, issues on how to lead change and organizational growth, innovation and management systems, management tools for corporate objectives or the strategic direction of human management will be emphasized.

It is an opportunity to carry out a program of excellence to add tools and knowledge that will boost your professional career.

Choose your master’s degree here and access Scholarships of up to 50% in CMI, the first business school specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility


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