The Portuguese authorities will investigate the information related to the business of the Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos, the richest woman in Africa and daughter of Eduardo dos Santos, president of Angola between 1979 and 2017. The publication, this Sunday, of thousands of documents that They show the web of businesses and societies of the Queen of Africa, has caused concern and annoyance for the doubtful origin of her colossal fortune, much invested in this country. A small Portuguese bank, Eurobic – a 42.5% ownership of Dos Santos through two companies – has also announced that it ends its commercial relations with the entities it controls.

The enormous wealth of Dos Santos is in the eye of the hurricane since the international media consortium (ICIJ) published the Luanda Leaks on Sunday, 715,000 files, including mail, letters, contracts, audios and movements of bank accounts, investigated and disclosed by the media associated with ICIJ, including the Spanish digital El Confidencial.

The new president of Angola dismantles the empire of the Dos Santos family
Isabel, queen of Africa and empress of Portugal
The former socialist Ana Gomes had previously warned of the dark origin of the wealth of the Dos Santos family, although she never had the support of her party, which did not include her in her list of the last European elections. In her tireless solo campaign, only a few days ago she was acquitted for saying that the Eurobic bank was a “money laundering machine for the family” Dos Santos. Gomes accuses the State Attorney General’s Office, the Securities Market Commission and the Bank of Portugal of “complicity” with “the systematic robbery [executed by] the kleptocracy that plunges the Angolan people”.

Gomes points out that Luanda Leaks does not reveal anything that was not known. But the papers specify the financial movements that led Isabel dos Santos to be the richest woman in Africa, with a wealth, according to Forbes, of more than 2 billion dollars. The publication of the inexhaustible financial web of the Dos Santos empire has already caused Audit PriceWaterHouse to withdraw from any work for family businesses and for Davos to withdraw the invitation to the World Economic FORUM.

The framework of the empire of the favorite daughter of the former Angolan president extends over a dozen countries and is present in the largest financial squares in the world, from London to New York or Dubai; in potential tax havens like Malta and Cyprus, and in the former colonial power, Portugal, and its free zone of Madeira, with a network of fictitious societies. In Portugal alone, the empire has 155.

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