Do you fly regularly on commercial airlines? Have you ever wondered if you should fly in a private jet? These are just some of the advantages that will make you enjoy and optimize your time.
Traveling by plane for work reasons can be stressful, as well as time consuming. Commercial flights full of people may not offer you the privacy you are looking for, while delays or fixed schedules may make it difficult to reach your destination in a timely manner.

Although several commercial airlines offer first-class and business services, there is a big difference between these exclusive services and flying on a private business jet. Wondering if flying in a private jet is the best option for you? Read on and discover these 8 main advantages of choosing a private jet.

1.- No more wasted time

If you use commercial airlines to fly between destinations, you end up wasting a surprising amount of time. It’s not just about the time of the flight, the one we spend in the air. You must also add to the equation the time needed to get to the airport, stand at the security checkpoint, board the plane and then collect your luggage.

When you travel for business, you usually have a very tight schedule and, therefore, every minute counts. If you are then subject to a delay of the airline, you could end up giving the wrong impression and seriously damaging the reputation of your business.

On the contrary, when you fly in a private jet, you will only have to wait about 5 or 6 minutes before taking off. No need to queue or worry about losing a connection. A business plane will allow you to fly directly to your final destination and will go through a private security control, leaving once you are ready to fly without waiting in the airport’s VIP lounges.

Even better, you won’t need to look for commercial flights with schedules and dates that fit your work schedule. When you choose a private jet, you will have control. You can choose the most appropriate day and time for your flight and, even, you can adjust your departure or arrival time on the same day of departure, so you will arrive at your destination even if your meeting ends late or if you need to unexpectedly visit it. Your company’s branch in another city.

2.-You do not need to check luggage

Checking your luggage when using a commercial airline can be very complicated. For starters, you are usually charged an additional fee for checking in luggage, and you must also make sure that your luggage meets the airline’s restrictions. However, if you are flying in a private jet, this will not be a problem. Your luggage will be transported for free and you can store it in the storage compartment or on board the plane so you can access your bags even during the flight for convenience.

3.- Food to suit the client

Commercial airlines have been working hard for the past few years to make the meals on board they serve tastier, however, in most cases, they still don’t measure up.

If you choose a private jet, you will discover that you enjoy a really delicious meal, which satisfies your particular tastes and all your food needs.

4.- Comfort at the highest level

Whether you have to work during your flight, want to sleep a little or just want to relax, you will find it much easier on a business flight. Even small planes have enough space to stretch, check emails, watch a movie or take a nap.

If you choose to use a bizliner (or a larger jet), you will also benefit from an authentic luxury service, which includes a master bedroom and a well-equipped bathroom. You can also take advantage of an on-board entertainment library, Wi-Fi and phones, as well as control over your cabin environment to ensure your total comfort at all times.

5.- Complete Privacy
In the 21st century, it is easier than ever to access personal data and information and that is why privacy has become such a valuable product. A private charter will ensure that you do not receive any unwanted attention at the airport, by ensuring that you are escorted to the private waiting room. Once in the air, you will not need to worry about other passengers disturbing you or seeing or hearing confidential information. You can behave freely without compromising your privacy.


If you choose an executive charter service, you can choose the flight crew and pilots. As a result, you will have total peace of mind that they are the most qualified professionals who can take you to your destination with total security. The best private business jets operators only hire high quality pilots and there is a rigorous process to ensure that security management systems excel in all aspects.

7.- Fly directly to your destination
An additional benefit of flying on a private business charter plane is that there is a greater variety of airports available to you. Most commercial airplanes are large and cannot land on small runways.

As private planes are smaller, they can land on those runways inaccessible to other larger planes, so you can choose from a wider range of airports closer to your final destination.

8.- Greater landing efficiency

Once it is time to land, the crew calls the airport ground assistance services so that everything is ready when the plane lands. Thanks to this efficiency, all the fuss and discomfort of commercial flights are eliminated.

It will also save a lot of time once you have reached your final destination. You can even hire services so that a limousine or a car is waiting for you upon arrival, allowing you to reach your business meeting, hotel or other place as quickly as possible without unwanted delays.

With these eight benefits in mind, it is clear that there are many excellent reasons to opt for a private business plane instead of commercial flights the next time you need to travel by plane. You will save money and time, while enjoying greater comfort and privacy: clear advantages over a standard flight experience!

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