If you have signed up for a gym, it is not enough to pay the monthly fee. Try these tricks to make the most of it. Follow this.

Back to the gym, good intentions in the head, but do you notice that you are moving forward? Do you feel stronger? Does your body look better? If you want your gym session to count, use these tricks:

1Turn off the phone: or leave it at the box office. In order to condition the muscles, it is necessary to increase the neural connections, and that means more concentration. If you concentrate on the exercise you will get double the results if you play Angry Birds between series and series. Whatsapp on the exercise bike? If you can read and write, you are not trying hard enough.

2Count back: count the repetitions of each series as if it were the launch of a rocket. It will give you much more encouragement to know how many are left, instead of thinking how many are missing. Silly? Yes, but it works. Read more in the following….

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