If our animal stops eating, is sad or changes its behavior, it is «telling us» that it is sick or has a need that we are not satisfying. What are all the signs?
Symptoms such as inappetence or tiredness may not be very showy or serious signs but we should be concerned when they appear together and prolonged in time, may be the evidence of more serious internal problems. We should not wait long to go to the veterinary clinic for the professional to make a complete review of our best friend. The sooner we grasp the origin of these changes, the sooner we can attack the possible disease. here on this link.

The colleague of two legs of the dog, the human, is essential for the balance in the health of his animal. In many occasions, it is not enough with the close relationship that facilitates the day to day to know that something is not going well. We want to give you more guidelines, clear signals with which we can recognize that something is happening, that the hairy one needs a quick examination at the vet. We do not intend to teach an express course in veterinary medicine, but we are all aware of the main symptoms that can appear when things go wrong.

Problems such as cough, although if it is timely we should not worry, if it is persistent it will be a symptom of a disease. It also happens with inappetence, it can be due to heat, heat or because you do not like the product, but if the inapetencia lasts it will be time to go to the veterinarian.

On the other hand, there are symptoms that denote that there is a problem in a specific part of the body, for example head shaking will occur mainly by some pathology or discomfort in an ear. Prolonged eye discharge or continuous blinking are also signs that a visit to the vet should be made.

Bad breath or halitosis can be the clearest reflection of a problem located in the mouth or even a problem of the digestive system. To cope with this problem, most of the time it will be enough to improve your diet, giving you only quality feed.


In case of illness, stopping eating is usually accompanied by other symptoms: oral discomfort (gingivitis), vomiting, fever … We will pay attention to it.

Shaking head

This is usually an indisputable symptom of a problem in your ears: infection or foreign body. The animal is upset and tries to solve their problem based on shaking. We will never use homemade methods to try to alleviate the suffering of the animal, a badly healed otitis is usually the start of a chronic otitis. We will leave the treatment decision to our veterinarian.

Eye secretion or, commonly, legaña, may not be a sign of illness and may be evidence of the owner’s carelessness. If the legañas accompany the animal daily in spite of the good hygiene and it comes at the same time as a redness in the eyes and it blinks frequently, it will be necessary to remedy it by going to the clinic.

Continuous flicker

If our animal winks incessantly, it will be that something bothers him and he is trying to take it away from him that way. On many occasions, this symptom is accompanied by an incessant attempt to scratch with the legs. Let’s forget the home treatments and let’s put ourselves in the hands of the professional.


It is a reflex act of the animal, which occurs when something goes wrong in the digestive system. It can be a simple problem due to the gluttony of certain animals, or one of the signs of a serious one. If the animal vomits but looks happy, we can leave it without eating 24 hours and control that it drinks little water and in many takes. Afterwards, we will give him his food again, if he continues with vomiting, we go to the vet. However, if from the beginning you also have diarrhea, decay and / or fever we will go directly to the professional.


The reason for this continued secretion may be winter, exercise … but if this secretion becomes abundant, stops being transparent and is accompanied by sneezing, coughing and decay, you should go to the vet.

Bad breath

In most cases, the bad breath of our friend is due to dental problems (tartar, infections …). If we feed it with dry feed we favor a daily cleaning by the friction of the hard pieces of food with the teeth.


The dog cough can accompany mild throat irritations, inflammations with or without infection of the respiratory system or heart problems among others. If your cough does not stop in a couple of days call your veterinarian.


The females emit a bloody vulvar flow during the estrus but if outside this period it emits other flows together with greater ingestion of water (polydipsia) and urine more than usual (polyuria), we will ask for an appointment at the veterinarian.

Vulvar flow

It is not a sign that you have worms but a discomfort in your perianal glands. Go to the veterinarian to have them checked.

Drag the ass

It is not a sign that you have worms but a discomfort in your perianal glands. Go to the veterinarian to have them checked.


If we believe that the animal may have a fever, we must confirm it by introducing a thermometer in the anus. This is the only safe and reliable method. We should point out that the normal temperature of our dogs is quite higher than ours (38.5º – 39º). If we verify that the animal has a temperature higher than normal, visit your specialist.

Changes when urinating

The imbalances in the urine, that is to say, more pee than usual, do almost nothing or get blood when doing it, indicate that something bad happens. It can be cystitis, stones, kidney problems … What we will do is go to the professional to find out and give treatment.


This unpleasant symptom can appear as a companion of minor problems or serious pathologies. If the excrement is soft, one time we will control your food and drink water (drink everything you need, but few amounts in many shots). If the diarrhea is continuous and / or with other symptoms, we will go to the vet.


Scratching is something natural but if you do it continuously and with desperation, obviously something happens to you. Do not wait until the problem harms you.

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