A strong belief in yoga is that by mastering your breath, you can have absolute control over your mind and body. In order to control pranayama, a term created through the union of the words prana (breathing) and yama (control), various techniques have been designed that offer great benefits for your body and mind.

 Some of the most important advantages of this discipline are the reduction of anxiety, stress and increased life expectancy. It is said that many yogis have managed to live more than 100 years thanks to the practice of this discipline.

 Next, we present some tips that will help you to master pranayama.

Recommendations to control pranayama

1. Find an expert advisor

To obtain better results with pranayama, we recommend you to consult with an expert in this discipline, who knows its own experience and guides you to achieve the benefits you are looking for.

 2. Practice it before sunrise

Many of the people who have mastered this yoga strategy agree that the best time to practice pranayama is before sunrise. But in the event that it is difficult to practice at this time, you can also do it two hours after the sun is hidden or at noon.

 3. Practice fasting pranayama

This is one of the reasons why most experts recommend practicing the exercises before sunrise. For it is the calmest hour of the day, in which you will achieve greater harmony. In addition, having an empty stomach, we make sure that it is clean of external agents.

 Also, practicing the fasting pranayama, we will have more energy for the exercises and we will obtain better results in less time.

 4. Know and respect your limits

If you are starting in pranayama, we advise you not to practice it several times a day. On the contrary, you should avoid that these exercises exhaust or tire your organism.

Remember that one of the goals of yoga is to generate calm and peace for those who practice it, so do not rush or try to become a yoga teacher in just a few days. Well, in this way, you will not achieve the desired results.

 5. Be subtle

Do not try to practice the exercises abruptly. Be extremely subtle during the execution of this technique. In this way, you will get closer to the calm you are looking for.

6. Concentrate and enjoy your breathing

When practicing this discipline, concentrate on the exercises, the sensations they generate in your body and enjoy feeling your breath. Thus, this technique will be pleasant for your mind and body and also you will achieve better results.

7. Identify the air that comes and goes

To apply the previous advice it is essential to comply with this recommendation, since you must concentrate very well to detect the difference between the air that leaves your body and the one that you expel.

8. Subtle, continuous and constant breathing

Because pranayama seeks control of breathing, during your exercises you should not breathe irregularly or abruptly. You must make an effort to inhale and exhale in a constant and smooth way.

9. Maintain a straight posture

To obtain the benefits of this technique, it is necessary that during the exercises you keep the spine straight. This will help you expand the thorax and improve your breathing.

10. At the beginning, do not hold your breath

If you are initiating in this discipline, we advise you not to practice oxygen retentions. Make slow inhalations and exhalations for several days before practicing breathing restraints.

As in all disciplines and exercises, it is essential that you be constant in the practice of this technique to enjoy its benefits and control pranayama to perfection

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