It is known that tobacco produces diseases in smokers, even though they do not know much about these diseases or problems caused by tobacco, but they only know the generic. Now I will expose some of the diseases caused by tobacco.

Among the diseases that produce tobacco we have:

1. Hair loss Tobacco weakens the immune system and makes the body more vulnerable to diseases such as lupus erythematosus, which can cause hair loss, as well as the appearance of canker sores and rashes on the face, leather scalp and hands.

2. Wrinkles Tobacco causes premature aging of the skin due to the wear caused by the proteins that give it elasticity, as well as the depletion of vitamin A and the reduction of the blood supply to the tissue. Smokers have dry, rough skin and furrowed by tiny wrinkles, especially around the lips and eyes.3. Loss of hearingTobacco causes plaque to form on the walls of blood vessels, with the consequent reduction of inner ear watering. Therefore, smokers can lose hearing at younger ages than non-smokers and are more vulnerable to this complication in case of ear infection or exposure to loud noise. Also, smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to suffer middle ear infections that can lead to other complications, such as meningitis and facial paralysis.4. Skin cancer Tobacco does not cause melanoma (a type of skin cancer that can be deadly) but it does increase the chances of dying as a result of it. The risk of smokers of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma – a type of cancer that causes the appearance of scales and reddish rashes on the skin – is doubled compared to non-smokers.5. Deterioration of the teeth The tobacco interferes with the chemical processes that take place in the mouth, causes an excess of tartar, stains the teeth yellow and accelerates the deterioration of the teeth. The risk of losing teeth is multiplied by 1.5 in smokers.

6. Cardiopathies Cardiovascular diseases are the cause of one in three deaths in the world. Tobacco use is among the main risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases. These ailments are charged annually over one million lives in developing countries. In developed countries, cardiovascular diseases related to tobacco use kill more than 600,000 people each year. Tobacco accelerates heart rate, raises blood pressure and increases the risk of hypertension and clogged arteries, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.7. Gastric ulcer Tobacco use reduces resistance to the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. It also reduces the ability of the latter to neutralize the acid after meals, which promotes the erosion of the walls of the stomach. Ulcers of smokers respond worse to treatment and tend to recur more often.

8. Uterine cancer and spontaneous abortion In addition to increasing the risk of uterine cervical cancer and uterine cancer, tobacco brings about problems of infertility in women and causes complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Tobacco use during pregnancy increases the risk that the newborn will be underweight and that he will have health problems in the future. Miscarriage is two to three times more frequent among smokers, as is prenatal death, due to the oxygen deprivation the fetus suffers and abnormalities affecting the placenta as a consequence of carbon monoxide and nicotine. smoke from cigarettes9. Deformation of spermTobacco can alter the morphology of sperm and damage its DNA, increasing the risk of miscarriage and congenital defects. According to some studies, male smokers are more likely to father a child who has cancer. Tobacco also reduces the number of sperm and hinders blood flow to the penis, which can lead to impotence. Sterility is more frequent among smokers.

We could continue with the list, but we do not want to scare you, just tell you that now is the perfect time to stop smoking if you want to avoid having one of these complications.

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