They say that if you want to stop smoking, you can quit, but it’s not easy. Nicotine, together with the many substances that accompany tobacco smoke, has a greater addiction capacity than cocaine. Here are 10 steps to stop smoking:

Step 1: Know why you stop smoking

You must reflect and decide why quit smoking. It may take you several days to know what the reason is, among those that tend to highlight the fear of cancer, vascular or pulmonary problems, social discomfort, give an example to children, aesthetic reasons, you deserve it, etc.

Before taking the next step, you should bear in mind that you will catch some weight.

Step 2: Make a positive decision

In this step you must make a positive decision: ‘I must stop smoking’. This decision has to be based on a rational judgment.

You should remember this decision and the benefits of it, whenever you feel like going back to smoking. This desire is typical of the lack of nicotine and the consideration of your future life without tobacco.

Making this decision immediately generates a defense in the urge to smoke. You must choose a date, such as the end of the year, a birthday or a pregnancy, and associate this day with a change of life, a before and after.

Step 3: Apply this decision

Abandoning tobacco should be a decision made in a few days, not months or little by little. The best way to avoid smoking is not to start over, so once the decision is made, you should remain firm at all times.

The first three days are the worst moment due to anxiety, from the fifth day the urge to smoke is less intense and more easily manageable. Know well and protect yourself about possible causes of abandonment and be strong:

– If you have insomnia, avoid coffee, exercise. – Constipation, you should eat foods rich in fiber (cereals and vegetables). – Nervousness, avoid coffee, exercise, take a bath, etc. – Tiredness, sleep many hours, be patient.

Step 4: The diet

The diet in the initial period:
The ideal for the first day would be to take only juices and fruits, but it is important that you eat for your work or activity. Take light meals, prioritizing the consumption of fruits and vegetables that, in addition to facilitating the period of abstinence, will provide you with vitamins C and B. Avoid meats and fish fried or stewed. Do not drink sugary desserts. Sugar can impede the absorption of certain vitamins that improve nerve function. Do not take strong condiments, such as mustard, pepper or chili, because they produce an increased craving. Be careful with cakes, pastries and chocolate. Besides that they do not suit you, they can make you fat.

Breakfast: Fresh fruit, cereals with cold milk, bread toast. Food: Soup, ham sandwich, salad, fresh fruit. Dinner: Soup, salad, fresh cheese, boiled potatoes, sweet ham, fresh fruit.

Step 5: Hydration

Drink plenty of fluids: 5 or 6 glasses of water, natural fruit juices or milk a day. Besides being necessary for your nervous system, they help you eliminate nicotine and prevent anxiety.

Avoid coffee or tea, are stimulants of the nervous system and will generate more anxiety.

You should not drink alcohol, the smoking-alcohol association is almost an inseparable couple.

Step 6: Skin care

You should give frequent showers and baths during the first week. The skin is an excretory organ, so the water will help you clean nicotine from the body and, therefore, to pass the period of abstinence.

Step 7: Breathing

You must inhale deeply in moments of anxiety, especially after meals.

Do exercise and never stay seated after eating, walk for at least 15-20 minutes.

Step 8: Routine habits

Keep routine habits and be firm with them.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour, sleep 8 hours and get up for an adequate breakfast.

Eat at normal hours and exercise at the times you had marked for it.

Step 9: Foreign aid

You must have family or friends. Your support will help you achieve it and you will feel more satisfied. If you have faith you can lean on religion, in times of weakness it can be a great help.

If you do not see yourself able to stop smoking alone and need help, you can evaluate the possibility of hiring health insurance for specialists to help you. This will cost you less effort and be more effective.

Step 10: Self confidence

You’re going to get it! Many people get it, why you one? Never forget the reasons for your decision. A habit of years must be controlled every day with force, it must not be forgotten at the moment. Remember that you have chosen to quit smoking. You must bear in mind that you are getting something very big.

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