The Vegetarian Food Pyramid is a set of dietary recommendations built specifically for vegetarians, with their unique dietary needs. Like the pyramids of other foods, it is presented in the form of a simple pyramid-shaped graphic, with a base consisting of foods that should be eaten regularly, and thus reduce many things that should be eaten less frequently and in smaller quantities.

There are a number of different types of vegetarians, and each of them has a different vegetarian food pyramid construction. More extreme vegetarians, such as vegans and frugivores have very special dietary needs, while more lax vegetarians, such as lacto-ovo vegetarians and pescetarians have a food pyramid that is similar to that of omnivores.

There is also some controversy about the exact layout of the vegetarian food pyramid. Most pyramids have a base of whole grains. Some also include in this base legumes such as the benefits of the carrot, legumes, while others put on a higher level, which indicates that you have to eat at each meal.

The next level of the pyramid is usually vegetables and fruits, which should be eaten in abundance, followed by protein sources. Protein sources can include nuts, seeds, meat substitutes, and some forms of vegetarian foods, dairy products, eggs, and fish.

The top of the vegetarian food pyramid includes fats and oils of vegetable origin, along with dietary supplements that are recommended for some vegetarians, such as vitamin B12 for vegans.

Things like alcohol and sweets can also be included in the vegetarian food pyramid. According to food technology, they are at the top of the pyramid, which underlines the fact that it should be consumed in moderation. Other publications put them next to the pyramid, to show that they are not necessary foods for a healthy diet, and they must be consumed in limited quantities.

The nutritional needs of each person are different. Consuming a vegetarian food from the pyramid as a general guide may be useful for someone who is just beginning to explore vegetarianism; it may help to consult a doctor for specific dietary recommendations.

It is a good idea to have on hand a copy of a vegetarian food pyramid written by a doctor specialized in the subject, taking into account your suggestions on the changes that must be made to ensure nutrition that the person who has chosen this healthy style of life.

On the other hand, pregnant and lactating women, in particular, have different nutritional needs, since they are eating for two. It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy being a very strong vegetarian woman, but it is important to make adjustments to the vegetarian food pyramid, including increasing dietary supplements, to ensure that the developing fetus is provided with the nutrients it needs. An obstetrician can provide specific dietary recommendations for vegetarian patients in pregnancy.

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