Incredible essential oil with rich to clear the mind and treat diseases related to the respiratory tract
Pine essential oil is obtained from Pinus silvestris, a plant of the Pináceas family. Known for its numerous properties, it has an invigorating, expectorant and antiseptic action, useful against stress, asthma and cystitis. Let’s find out better.
Properties and benefits of pine essential oil
Toning, helps to feel immediately efficient upon awakening, indicated in cases of hypotension and heart failure. It is used to eliminate the feeling of fatigue of people who are tired or under stress, in case of sleep disorders or nervous breakdown. For this stimulating action, in the essential oil may be useful in the treatment of impotence, frigidity, in case of sexual disorders or decreased libido.
Expectorant, if inhaled, fluidifies phlegm and facilitates its elimination. Therefore, it is used in cases of cold, sinusitis, flu, cough, laryngitis, acute and chronic bronchitis, influenza syndromes, asthma. The fresh and balsamic aroma helps purify the air in the rooms.
Antiseptic of the urinary tract
The essential oil of Scots Pine, in addition to being a good diuretic, acts as an anti-inflammatory of the urogenital tract, demonstrating its effectiveness in cases of prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis and leucorrhea. The external or internal use of this essential oil, thanks to its diuretic action, is beneficial for gout and rheumatism.
Toning, helps you feel immediately efficient when you wake up
Description of the plant
The Scots Pine is a large evergreen tree, native to both Europe and northern Asia and can reach up to forty meters in height. The evergreen leaves are needle-shaped, grouped in bunches of about 3-5 cm long (sometimes up to 10 cm), glaucous green, twisted and with brownish pods at the base. The flowers form small sessile, hanging cones, producing reddish, globose and generally isolated cones, erect at the time of pollination, then hanging, which become cones (cones). The fruits are cones, oval, about 3-7 cm, with a very short petiole; initially green, then dark brown-gray: they are found in pairs or in groups on the curved stems. The cones ripen and release the seeds in three years.

Internal use
2 drops of pine essential oil in a teaspoon of honey, 3 times a day after the main meals, against water retention, urinary tract infections and rheumatism.
Pine essential oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and in high doses can irritate mucous membranes. Applied externally in high concentrations, may cause sensitization effects and should not be used externally if there is skin irritation. As for any other essential oil, also for Scottish pine, we recommend consulting an herbalist, before use, to make the most of the many advantages in a safe and secure way.
The Assyrians considered him the “guardian of life.” The pine has always been considered a symbol of virility and the tree of life, so in Greek mythology, the pine, is none other than Attis, the servant eunuch who leads the chariot of the goddess Cibelina and who is transformed by Zeus on this tree in honor of his sacrifice. According to the myth, Attis was a hunting companion and lover of Agdistis, a bisexual demon born of the union of Zeus and Cybele, and the king of Pessinunte, Midas, wanted to marry Attis with his daughter so that she could be civilized. During the wedding banquet, Agdistis, in love and betrayed by the young man, drove him mad for revenge, making him flee to the mountains, where the man cut his genitals under a pine tree.

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