Every time you smoke a cigarette you keep your blood nicotine levels high. But after a while since you smoked, nicotine levels decrease. So you feel the need to go back to smoking again. This contributes to smoking being a loop, it is like the whiting that bites its tail.

This is a small reminder to know what addiction we are facing. One of the curiosities that most attracts attention is that a smoker after sleep has very low nicotine levels. Almost the same levels as a person who does not smoke. This explains why nothing else get up the vast majority of smokers need to smoke a cigarette as soon as possible. Thus nicotine levels return to normal again.

The interesting thing about all this is that nicotine helps to increase the levels of dopamine, that is to say “the happiness hormone”. So both nicotine and dopamine greatly influence this addiction, one occurs as a result of the other. Since once the nicotine levels decrease, so do the levels of dopamine. This explains why when you smoke you again experience this pleasure rush. Knowing this, we are going to reveal what foods you can eat so that when you stop smoking your dopamine levels remain high, almost like when you take a puff on the cigar.

Another interesting point is that, if smokers remain for a while without smoking or are trying to quit, they experience a state of irritability, decreased concentration, a craving for food every so often … In short, your body is asking shouting a dose of nicotine.

This makes smokers associate not smoking with feeling these harmful effects that we just named. That is why there are many smokers who think that quitting smoking could have some disadvantage in their mental health. But it is totally false since a few months after the last time they smoked this they say they feel better than ever. No doubt the first weeks of quitting are the most difficult. But it is important to be aware that every day you spend without smoking you are advancing enormously in your final goal.

Some guidelines that we can advise you and that are helping many people are: increase the levels of dopamine through food. It is important to emphasize that the foods do not contain dopamine. But there is an amino acid that is found in food and that is a precursor to dopamine, and that is tyrosine. So our diet should contain foods rich in tyrosine such as: salmon, milk, eggs, oats, peanuts, rice, pasta, spinach and meat.

Another recommendation we can make is the importance of practicing yoga. Since the levels of stress are reduced considerably. This is because when you are quitting smoking you experience a lot of stress. And this makes it much more difficult to quit smoking. It has been shown that yoga greatly helps people who want to quit smoking.

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