Perhaps the most common goal in people anywhere in the world is weight loss, many of us would like to lose those extra kilos that we have, eliminate those annoying little tires that surround us.

Many people try to achieve this goal through various means such as constant sports, a balanced diet, moderate physical activity, surgeries, “miracle” diets among others. Without a doubt, the best way to lose weight healthily is to follow a balanced diet and exercise constantly.

Many people commonly follow the famous diets of Do not eat “X” food and weight loss, and one of those very common foods are flours, which to some extent could be considered “bad” if you are looking to lose weight.

But bread and flour can be and should be consumed in a balanced diet since these are at the base of the nutritional pyramid. We should not confuse the refined flours (which are the ones that we should consume very little) with the integral flours (which we should consume more).

The group of foods on which I focus on this article is that of Foods of Animal Origin, particularly those of Very Low Fat.

It is very well known that protein helps to lose weight, due to its high biological quality that contains the essential amino acids for burning calories and helps the reconstruction of the muscle once exercised.

Not all meats are the same, some may have a great amount of protein but at the same time they can have a high level of fats, which will not help you at all in losing weight. As an example I could mention a lean beef that for each 100 grams contributes approximately 20.7 gr of protein and 5.4 gr of fat compared to 100 gr of lamb that provides 15 gr of protein and 10 g of fat.

That is why here I present a list of low-fat foods of animal origin which will give you more protein in exchange for the minimum amount of fat.

Low-Fat Animal Foods


Energy: 40 Kcal

Carbohydrates: 0g

Fat: 1g

Protein: 7g

Food of animal origin and ration

Fresh abalone: ​​50 grams

Acociles: 50 grams

Aguayón: 30 grams

Fresh clam: 4 pieces

Tuna in water: 40 grams

Dry cod: 1 tablespoon

Catfish: 80 grams

Beef steak: 30 grams

Nile white: 40 grams

Fish head: 400 grams

Kid: 30 grams

Squid: 50 grams

Cooked shrimp: 5 pieces

Giant shrimp: 2 pieces

Small shrimp: 6 pieces

Dry shrimp: 1 tablespoon

Crab: 2 pieces

Ostrich meat: 40 grams

Crab meat: 40 grams

Dry beef: 1 tablespoon

Ground meat of chicken and turkey: 30 grams

Dogfish: 60 grams

Chambarete: 40 grams

Fresh charales: 30 grams

Dry charales: 1 tablespoon

Egg white: 2 pieces

Beef dish: 50 grams

Scallop of beef: 30 grams

Escamoles: 80 grams

Fajitas chicken without skin: 30 grams

Beef skirt: 40 grams

Red snapper fillet: 40 grams

Fish fillet, grouper, mojarra, hake: 40 grams

Beef and tampiqueña steak: 30 grams

Red snapper: 70 grams

Whole boiled crab: 80 grams

Clam juice: 3 cups

Hare: 50 grams

Machaca: 1 tablespoon

Solid beef: 30 grams

Beef Medallion: 1/3 piece

Mussels: 30 grams

Milanese chicken and beef: 30 grams

Ground chicken: 30 grams

Chicken gizzard: 30 grams

Chicken thigh without skin: 1/2 piece

Pancita de res: 50 grams

Snapper: 70 grams

Leg of beef: 120 grams

Grilled, roasted, cooked breast: 30 grams

Turkey breast: 2 slices

Boneless chicken breast: 30 grams

Fish in pieces: 80 grams

Skinless chicken leg: 1/4 piece

Beef tips: 30 grams

Cottage cheese: 3 tablespoons

Cottage cheese: 2 tablespoons

Kidneys of beef: 30 grams

Snook: 30 grams

Surimi: 2/3 bar

Tampiqueña: 30 grams

Venison cooked 30 grams

Source: IMSS Web Portal


Now you know which meat or animal foods will provide you with a lot of protein without having significant amounts of fat. I recommend you go with a nutritionist if you want to lose weight since each body is different and unique and depending on your activities and eating habits your diet will vary, some people could have more cereal in their diet, others more flours, while you could not have them

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