Undoubtedly, it is possible to make healthier versions of each one’s favorite recipes while preserving the taste and taste intact. The idea is to make some healthy changes that do not radically affect the essence of the favorite recipes.

For example, when making a low-fat version of macaroni and cheese, it is usually enough to use low-fat cheddar cheese, the use of this cheese replaces two-thirds of the fat consumed. You can also use mozarrella cheese or some low-fat Swiss. With a pinch of freshly ground pepper you can also help improve the flavor.

Some experiments have tried to show that you need to adjust a traditional recipe for a healthy diet, then make the reduction of one or more fat content, sugar, salt and some calories present in traditional recipes, this can result in much more versions healthy from your favorite recipes.

Calorie Reduction

Reducing non-nutritious or empty calories is one of the easiest ways to create healthy versions of your favorite recipes. By replacing flour lasagna with a wheat version, nutrition can be improved by providing fiber and some nutrients that are not found in noodles made with refined or enriched white flour.

Of course, eating small portions of a favorite dish is a good way to keep a favorite recipe. This can be enjoyed without consuming too much less nutritious food. Eating low-calorie vegetables along with a smaller portion of your favorite dish can help make it more satisfying and more nutritious.

Salt Reduction

Consuming too much salt is often related to a high blood pressure. In this case you can eat smaller portions of the favorite salty recipes, or try to change the salt shaker for pepper. Freshly ground pepper can add interest and flavor to many foods.

Substituting salt for some herbs in favorite dishes is another way to make healthier versions of your favorite recipes. Some recipes do not even need salt since they already have very good taste.

Sugar Reduction

Some homemade tomato-based pasta sauces can have a lot of sugar. If the amount of sugar used is high, some or all of the dishes could be replaced with herbs. Apple puree is another food that can be delicious without sugar.

The unsweetened applesauce with a few toasted nuts on top can be a great nutritious snack or even a light dessert. In addition, applesauce or fruit juice can largely or even completely replace the sugar in many homemade products, such as cookies, muffins and cakes.

Reduction of Fats

In the manufacture of yogurt and dairy products such as cheese, milk and sour cream the levels of fat are low and can often be used to help create healthier versions of your favorite recipes thanks to its low fat content.

The fish and chicken can be baked in the oven with layers made of whole wheat bread crumbs as an alternative to the bread layer.

Turkey can also replace ground beef in some of your favorite recipes, this is another way to reduce saturated fat. Using a splash of olive oil instead of butter also reduces saturated fat. Some people prefer to use non-stick pans due to the addition of fat to the pan.

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