Cellulite is something very annoying for women but you have to understand that if you are starting to have a cellulite buildup then it might be time for a change in lifestyle, since most of the changes in our body do not just They are genetic, they are also induced by the customs and the treatment we give to our body.

Here we will present a strategic plan for 6 weeks so you can change your lifestyle and you can eliminate cellulite and other discomfort that your body presents:

* Anti-cellulite exercises: These exercises require very little time so there is no excuse for not performing them. Creates a healthier skin, reducing fats and increasing blood flow. There are 5 exercises to eliminate cellulite such as spinning, dance therapy, stretching, yoga and kickboxing.

* Food and Diet: What is consumed or what we eat is clearly represented in our body. Like exercise, eating directly influences our mood and appearance. The best method to eliminate cellulite is to have a balanced diet away from fat abuse and based on organic products. Not eating healthily increases the toxins in our body, in addition healthy food improves the appearance of our skin, which is why it is recommended to consume Integral products, fiber, fruits and vegetables since they are the most useful foods to fight cellulite.

* Application of ground coffee: Caffeine can help increase blood flow when applied to cellulite areas. Caffeine has been proven to be one of the essential elements of cellulite many creams to combat cellulite.

* Massage: Massage is a form of manipulation of soft tissues that can help to overcome cellulite by opening the pores and increasing blood circulation. The application of effective and coherent massage techniques in areas infested with cellulite can be a very useful tool to eliminate it.

* Manazana cider vinegar: Vinegar has been a useful ingredient for many home remedies. It has been incredibly useful for digestion, as well as for sore throat, so it is no surprise that vinegar is effective, even against cellulite for some people. Vinegar is a tool of multiple use, which directly affects cellulite and improves the health of the skin.

* Brushing the skin: Brushing the skin is one of the oldest known home remedies for cellulite. Increases circulation and removes excess skin cells.

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