Is there anything worse than itchy, irritated skin? Whatever the cause may be, itchy skin makes focusing difficult. The sooner you can figure out how to deal with the cause, the better. The problem here is that so many products on the market contain unhealthy or toxic ingredients. It is imperative that you find a healthy and natural alternative.
Here are four to keep in mind.
1. Castor oil for Chigger bites
If you have ever been bitten by a chigger, you know how irritating the bites can be. But what are chigger bites? Chiggers are small, furry, red bugs that belong to the family of spiders. They eat blood from their prey and tend to be found in areas with thick vegetation – such as wooded areas and grass fields. Chiggers go for areas of thin skin of the body, such as ankles, knees and armpits, and leave aggravating stings that are itchy and red.
While there are many myths about ways to cure bites – including putting nail polish on the bumps – it is far better to take a natural approach. One of the best methods involves the use of castor oil, which provides immediate relief from itching. Simply pour a little oil on the affected areas and massage gently into the skin.
 2. Honey for ant bites
Honey has many applications that extend far beyond the kitchen. If you have never investigated the health benefits of honey, be sure to do so at some time. One of the many applications for honey involves ant bites.
Ants stings can be painful and itchy, often with blisters after a day or two. And if you have a lot of bites in one area, it can be particularly uncomfortable. Fortunately, honey can quickly reach the rescue. Apply some directly on the affected skin and let it rest for a few minutes. Wash the honey and repeat a couple of times a day. Honey will reduce pain and help in proper healing.
3. Tea tree oil for acne
Acne, the more commonly affects those who go through puberty, can also appear on the skin of babies and adults. Knowing how to treat acne can relieve discomfort and prevent scarring.
One of the most effective natural solutions is melaleuca, also known as tea tree oil. Research shows that the gel that contains five percent tea tree oil is as effective as the medicines containing five percent benzoyl peroxide.
“This home remedy for acne asks you to mix 4-8 drops of tea tree oil and a teaspoon of coconut oil or jojoba oil,” says Dr. Josh Ax. “Dap lightly on the problem areas A slight tingling is normal Always use a carrier oil, since the tea tree oil can be too hard when applied directly to the skin.”
4. Fresh Aloe Vera for sunburn
Is there anything worse than a sunburn? It is painful, itching and frustration. And although there are a lot of products available at the pharmacy, you should be careful of the chemicals to froth on your already irritated skin.
The best solution is to put fresh aloe vera on the skin. There are many products that claim to include aloe vera, but usually only have traces. Cutting the tip of a fresh aloe leaf and squeezing the juice in your sunburn is the best way to go.
Take care of your skin
Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it makes sense for you to take care of it in a healthy way. The average person carries eight pounds and 22 square feet of meat and the last thing you want to do is expose him to unnecessary harm. When you have itchy skin, diagnose the problem and try one of these healthy methods.

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