Remember that the food in our daily life is a key factor that determines the health of our body and if you are an athlete the food you eat will influence your sports performance and physical performance.

Many times it has been said that the food must be adequate in quantity and quality and it is totally true, as food will supply and replace the losses caused by physical exercise, while promoting food and energy for the body as well as the advance in terms of performance.

According to the LivingHealth site, there are 4 essential foods in the diet of the runner, they are:

Almonds: For its high level of vitamin E with strong antioxidant action are an excellent option to counteract the stress caused by the effort and thus, prevent muscle pain.

In addition, its high caloric and protein value together with its contribution of fiber, allows that, with few units of dried fruits, the appetite is kept to the limit during training. Also, they are more than portable! and this will allow you to move a handful to accompany the workouts.

Oranges: The vitamin C of these fruits act as a protector against diseases by increasing the body’s defenses and this citrus is an essential part of many healthy diets for all athletes. It also has healing effects which can help to heal the muscles in case of injury.

On the other hand, vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, an essential mineral for proper blood circulation, oxygenation of muscles and prevention of the famous, “anemia of the runners.”

Sweet potatoes: This vegetable is very rich in carbohydrates which translates into high quality energy to avoid fatigue in the races. In addition, if it is consumed roasted or baked, its glycemic index is lower and thus, we can take advantage of its contributions for a long time.

It contains antioxidants and essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium that the runner needs to replace after the sweat loss and also, they collaborate with the correct muscular contraction.

Tuna: Its great protein contribution makes it an ideal healthy food to cover protein recommendations. Likewise, its content in omega 3 fatty acids provide healthy fats to the diet to take care of the heart and prevent diseases.

So far we list 4 foods that although they are of great help for the diet of an athlete, by themselves they can not achieve great results. That is, so that there are no shortages in food, the ideal is a diet that includes a variety of foods in their proper amounts.

What we must highlight is the nutrients involved, because with them we can obtain a balanced diet if we complement them with other foods. In the list we find antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats of good quality.

If we look closely, are all the nutrients we need to live healthily and provide us with food and health, therefore, a varied diet that includes almonds or other nuts, oranges and various fruits, tuna and animal products, sweet potatoes or another source of carbohydrates, is a key factor so that the sports performance is correct and the health of the runners is optimal.

There are no magical foods, therefore, I believe that next to training, the ideal is to maintain a healthy diet and adequate breaks to boost performance and get the most out of each athlete.

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